• Course 1: Reporting & Analysis in GA4

    In Course 1, you'll learn everything form the introductory course, plus how Google Analytics 4 compares to it's predecessor, Universal Analytics, and how Reporting and Analysis work in GA4. You'll dive deep into the new Analysis section to really master this powerful new tool, and you'll walk away with practical knowledge of how to really use this new analytics property to set you and your business apart.

  • Course 2: GA4 Advanced Features & Set Up

    In Course 2, you'll build on the foundational elements you learned in Course 1, and solidify your understanding of the platform by learning how it works: Dive deep on the new data schema, learn about integrations with GA4, master all of the new settings and modifications you can do within the GA4 UI, and gain a solid understanding of how to implement this new platform via gtag or Google Tag Manager.

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Why should you learn about Reporting & Analysis in Google Analytics 4?

  • Google Analytics 4 is an all new analytics tool from Google Analytics. This is not the same GA you've been used to for the past many years!

  • Google has announced that GA4 is the future of Google Analytics, learning about this new platform now will help you get ahead and be ready for when it's the only analytics tool Google offers.

  • Pulling reports, navigating through the interface, and showing off your analyst skills is a job requirement... learning to do this in GA4 is crucial!

  • GA4 has tons of new features to make your job easier and more productive. Getting started with GA4 today will help set you up for even more future success.

Instructor Krista Seiden helped build GA4. Now she's here to teach you all about it.

If you're ready to dive in and get ahead by learning GA4, you've come to the right place. There is no one better to help you get familiar with the ins and outs of GA4 than former Googler Krista Seiden. She helped build GA4 from the ground up and is now ready to teach you all the ins and outs, with insight like no one else. If you're serious about learning this new platform, don't delay signing up!

Your instructor literally helped build the product...

Who better to learn GA4 from?

Founder, KS Digital, Ex-Google Analytics Evangelist

Krista Seiden

Krista was at Google for nearly 7 years where she led Product Management efforts across the Google Marketing Platform, building the foundations of Google Analytics 4, and served as the external Evangelist for Google Analytics. If she looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen her Youtube videos about Google Analytics. She's taught millions of users how to use GA to improve their businesses. Currently, Krista is the Principal Digital Analytics Consultant & Chief Instructor with KS Digital, an analytics consultancy she founded in 2019, helping businesses make the most of their investments in digital marketing and analytics. Previously, Krista was VP, Product Marketing & Growth at Quantcast.

Course Curriculum

Course 1: GA4 Reporting & Analysis

In Course 1, we'll focus on building your knowledge of the GA4 user interface so you'll know what is new, how it compares to Universal Analytics, and where you should go to accomplish your reporting needs. We'll dive deep on new reporting and analysis features to get you comfortable with pulling data and wowing your colleagues with your deep understanding of GA4.

  • Getting to Know GA4: You'll learn how the new interface is organized, where to find the reports and features you need, understand how GA4 compares to Universal Analytics, and walk away feeling comfortable with the new look and feel of GA4.

  • Reporting Deep-dive: In this section, we'll dive into the out-of-the-box reports available in GA4. The look and feel is different from Universal Analytics, but we'll show you how to find all the data you need to successfully report on your KPIs.

  • Analysis Deep-dive: The out-of-the-box reports are great, but mastering the Analysis section will help you take your analyst skills to the next level. You'll learn all about the available techniques and templates, and finish feeling confident using these great new features to further your analysis efforts!

Course 2: GA4 Advanced Features & Set Up

In Course 2, you'll build on the foundational elements you learned in Course 1, and solidify your understanding of the platform by learning how it works: Dive deep on the new data schema, master setting up new features in the UI, learn about integrations with GA4, and gain a solid understanding of how to implement this new platform via gtag or Google Tag Manager.

  • GA4 Data Schema: You'll learn how GA4's data schema is different than Universal Analytics and how that impacts the data you collect and report on. You'll walk away with a deep understanding of the data GA4 collects and uses, as well as migration best practices to help you smoothly move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

  • User-Interface Advanced Features & Set Up: GA4 offers brand new features to allow you to do much of the configuration and set up within the user-interface, allowing much more control over how your data is processed and looks.

  • Implementing GA4: In this section, you'll learn how to implement GA4 on your website using either gtag.js or Google Tag Manager with practical tips and examples.

Hear what people are saying...

Most knowledgeable GA trainer in the domain, period.

By Zach Day, Sr. Manager Digital Analytics & Strategy, Salesforce

"Krista is the most knowledgeable Google Analytics trainer and educator in the domain, period. What especially differentiates Krista is that her expertise extends beyond just knowledge of the tool. From her time as a web analyst, digital analytics evangelist, Google Analytics product manager, and executive, Krista understands digital analytics from many perspectives. Because of this broad experience her training is very well-rounded, ensuring that users learn how to generate actionable insights and answer key business questions rather than just creating data dumps."

Actionable & Accessible!

By Oli Gardner, Co-Funder, Unbounce

"Krista is one of the few who can make Google Analytics accessible to everyone, always sharing actionable insider tips and custom reports. AND, she's a remarkable role model for diversity where she volunteers her time to coach women in marketing to stand up and speak."

Practical, Tactical Learning!

By Jim Sterne, Founder, Digital Analytics Association

"Krista's style is at once self-confident and transparently vulnerable. Audiences hang on Krista's presentations as they are a perfect balance of practical, tactical advice and insightful, life-affirming guidance. She's been there, done that, and knows how to help others through her stories and and hands-on experiences."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of this course?

    This course is run in an On Demand format. Lesson content is available as pre-recorded videos, so that you can watch and learn at your own pace. It is recommended that you go through the content of the course over at least 3 weeks to give yourself enough time to digest the content and apply your course learnings. You can attend monthly office hours hosted by Krista to get answers to your most burning questions in real time. There is also a Slack community where other students and Krista will be active throughout the course to help answer your questions.

  • How is this course different than the Google Analytics Academy courses?

    In terms of course curriculum, Krista Seiden wrote both the Analytics Academy courses for Google, and her own Google Analytics Masterclass and Google Analytics 4 courses, and can assure you that the content is quite different in depth, style, and delivery. The Analytics Academy courses are great, but they stick to high level concepts and do not go into a lot of real life examples. In KS Digital Academy's courses, we go through many real life examples, using both slides decks and direct interaction with the GA UI, to help you really grasp the concepts and how to use them.

  • GA4 is constantly changing, will the course be updated?

    Yes! As GA4 grows and matures, KS Digital Academy will continue to release new modules to ensure you are up to date with all the latest info. You can come back anytime during your course enrollment to review the new content.

  • Can I upgrade to the Bundle after purchasing a single course?

    Yes! After you've completed Course 1, you can email your course instructor for a discount code to upgrade to the bundle.

  • How long will the course materials be available for?

    You will have lifetime access to course materials after you enroll so that you have enough time to complete all of the curriculum at your own pace and earn your certificate of completion.

  • I'm an Adobe Analytics user transitioning to Google Analytics, will this course help?

    Yes! Krista has personally worked in both tools, and trained many analysts making the switch, so she knows first hand some of the questions you may have and will do her best to answer them in the course content and throughout live Q&A and Slack. Check out the testimonial from Zach Day of Salesforce at the bottom of the course page for direct feedback from someone whom Krista helped train to switch from AA to GA360.

  • Can I share one license with my team?

    No, each seat purchased is meant for 1 person. If you have multiple people on your team who would like to take the course, they need to sign up for their own seat. We do offer discount pricing for 3+ seats, please reach out for more details.

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